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Sorted Comfort’s hands-on organizing sessions give you the opportunity to work alongside a Professional, and tackle your organizing project together. You will be patiently guided and coached through the organizing process. Sessions are 3 hours in length, as I have found that anything over 3 hours can sometimes lead to fatigue and complacency. Organizing is hard work but rest assure we will create and organize a space you will love, and it will be well worth all the work.
H O W   S O R T E D   C O M F O R T   W O R K S
Step 1  Free Phone Consultation: Here, we will discuss your overall project goals, what’s working and what’s not, how you envision the space, and your biggest organizing challenges. It’s helpful if you are able to email me pictures of the space beforehand, so I can see what we are working with. Seeing the space will also help determine pricing and timeline of the project, and allow me the opportunity to start brainstorming ideas before our first session. I want to come prepared and ensure no time is wasted. After our phone consultation I will create a Project Estimate of cost and timeline, and provide recommendations on how we would move forward with the project. I will send you a copy to review and you can decide how you would like to proceed. 

Step 2  Choose a Package: Sorted Comfort offers single-sessions or multi-session packages. Together we can determine what option will be best for you. I want to ensure you will get the most for your money because your budget, needs and time are very important to me. Then we would schedule our first organizing session.

Step 3  Start sorting your way to comfort.

Step 4  Enjoy your new, sorted, comfortable space 

Hourly Rate: $50 - $75, depending on the job at hand. This will be determined after the FREE Phone Consultation. 

Flat Rate Travel Fee (if applicable): distances further than 20 miles from the Organizer’s home will be charged ½ the Hourly Rate of the project.

Flat Rate Shopping Fee (if applicable): Shopping for specific organizing products or household items will be charged ½ the Hourly Rate of the project.

In appreciation for our Active Duty and Retired Military we offer a 10% discount.  

We offer bulk discounts for multiple Sessions or Packages purchased.

Gift Certificates are available in blocks of 3, 9, or 15 hours and include the free phone consultation 
Hourly Rate Sessions (3 hours – 1 three-hour session): These sessions allow Sorted Comfort to work with you tackling a 
smaller project (small closet, cupboards, countertops, bathroom, entryway, etc). Or start on a larger project that 
will require additional sessions.

Package 1 (9 hours – 3 three-hour Sessions): This package is a great option to piggyback off of the Hourly Session, or to get started on a larger project (kitchen, garage, bedroom, playroom, laundry room, etc).

Package 2 (15 hours – 5 three-hour Sessions): This package is a great option if you have multiple smaller areas that need to be organized, or one big complicated area.

Package 3 (30 hours – 10 three-hour Sessions): This package is a great option if you have multiple areas that need to be organized, or if you’d like to meet with Sorted Comfort on a weekly or bi-monthly maintenance basis. 

Move-In Ready Package (4 hours {Half Day} - $250 / 8 hours {Full Day} - $500): This package is a great option if you just moved and need help unpacking all those boxes and getting everything organized. Moving can be stressful, so allow Sorted Comfort to unpack your stuff, put things away, and organize spaces for you. The only thing better than a new home is a new, organized home. 

DIY Package ($150): This package is a great option for those who want to get organized on their own, but need help 
getting started. Sorted Comfort will complete a thorough walk-through of the space, and provide the client with an assessment, step by step game plan on how to get the space organized, tips on how to maintain the organized space, recommendations of organizing products if needed, and resources available in the community as needed. 
* With each package, Sorted Comfort provides 1 truckload removal to The Good Will or donation center of the client's choosing. Excludes the DIY Package  *